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Britain’s Tai Woffinden wins the Teterow GP and places one hand on the title trophy ahead of the final round.

The cold and damp Bergring saw a chaotic first three heats in dangerous and unfit conditions. Many riders struggled with visibility and the ability to put a 110% effort into racing. But unfortunately, it took the withdrawal of two riders to determine whether or not the meeting could carry on in those conditions. Craig Cook collected Maciej Janowski after losing control of his bike in the second bend, sending them both tumbling through the soggy shale. Cook took a big blow to his wrist and withdrew from the meeting with a stable fracture, however, Janowski managed to peel himself off the floor to continue. The rerun of heat 4 saw Gorzow GP winner, Martin Vaculik, take a turn for the worse too. He slid into the air fence and also withdrew from the meeting with an injury to his shoulder.

After a short delay, racing reignited in Germany, the track conditions were significantly better and the quality of races increased. Dominant figures emerged from the field with Jason Doyle and Greg Hancock scoring race wins, not to mention the two title favourites, Woffinden and Zmarzlik, putting in big efforts to increase their championship winning chances.

In Semi-Final One, four different nations lined up at the tapes: Hancock (American), Iversen (Danish), Zagar (Slovenian) and Zmarzlik (Polish). In the early stages of the race, Hancock and Iversen looked like they had settled for the final spots, but a mistake from the Dane allowed Zmarzlik through to pressure Hancock until the chequered flag.

An arguably stronger 
Semi-Final Two, saw Lindgren, Woffinden, Doyle and Zagar scrap for the two available places in the final. Doyle triumphed to take his second consecutive Grand Prix final as Woffinden overhauled Zagar to keep his lead ahead of Zmarzlik alive.

A rolling Zmarzlik effectively punished himself from getting away from the gate as he had done all night in the all-important final. However, Woffinden bolted from the line ahead of his competitors as the tapes went up. Tai and Hancock went head to head on the back straight before the power of “Woffy’s” machine stormed past him. Australia’s Jason Doyle saw an opportunity to take second spot and squeezed past Hancock, pushing the American to the fence and leaving him to finish behind Zmarzlik in last.

At the end of the night, Woffinden placed one hand firmly on the World Championship trophy as he increased his lead to a ten point advantage. However, Bartosz Zmarzlik isn’t losing touch with the hopes of his first world title.