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The second ever Speedway of Nations kicks off 2019 speedway on the World stage in Landshut for the first qualifying round of the series. 


It must be said that the seeded place into the final in July is expected to be a fight between Poland, Germany and Sweden with all 3 sides looking extremely strong as per usual. However, Team Italy may be one to watch with both riders gaining experience away from their home nation and may be able to steal a place to grab the title in Russia. 


Team Germany: Kai Huckenbeck and Martin Smolinski  Under-21: Michael Hartel

Team Poland: Maciej Janowski and Bartosz Zmarzlik   Under-21: Bartosz Smektala

Team Italy: Nicolas Covatti and Paco Castagna  Under-21: Michele Menani

Team Sweden: Fredrik Lindgren and Peter Ljung  Under-21: Filip Hjelmand

Team Ukraine: Andrea Karpov and Aleksandr Lokataev   Under-21: Marko Levishyn 

Team Slovenia: Matej Zagar and Matic Ivacic  Under-21: Nick Skorja

Team Czech Republic: Vaclav Milik and Eduard Krcmar  Under-21: Jan Kvech