Q: Starting with this weekend, you obviously didn't have the weekend you were probably hoping for in Austria but you do have good memories here at Silverstone, so how are you feeling going into the weekend?

A: Honestly, Austria is somewhere I've never gone well at so I didn't really expect to be too good anyway. We had a good test after the race, which is a positive thing going into this weekend. Well actually in the race I wasn't too bad but I messed up the qualifying so much in Austria, that I was in the middle of the pack and then I had a bit of a coming together with another rider, so the race was a disaster. But, I took a lot of positive from the test on Monday, and obviously here I know I go a lot better than Austria and I look at that in a positive way. Apart from a couple of riders in Moto2 this year, it's been very up and down, so there's no reason why I can't do a good job.

Q: With Silverstone being your home gp, does it bring any extra pressure for you on track?

A: For me I always answer this the same, there's a little bit more pressure because you're at home and you know a lot more people here, but on track, every race I wanna do well. It's not like I want to do well here more than any other races. When I've got my helmet on and I'm riding, I don't think there's extra pressure. But, the weekend itself is a bit heavier, in a good way. I like to see the fans, meet people, for me it's a positive thing not a negative thing. Well when it goes well, we don't speak about when it doesn't...

Q:  Like you said you're always meeting and taking photos with the fans so you're renowned to be one of the nicest guys in the paddock. Do you think that some competitors may view that as a weakness?

A: I think that if I saw another rider like me, I wouldn't say it's a weakness more because we're not fighting each other, really. Ok it's a competitive sport and we're riding against each other, in the end, you have to be so controlled and respectful when you're riding, you can't just ride through people. I never look at riders in a positive or negative way, I don't really think anything. I feel like in our job it's dangerous enough, if I go catch up a rider who I don't like or do like for example, I should treat them the same and I try and do that. If other people don't, then maybe you could argue that they see it as a weakness. But, anyone who's seen my riding knows I can be a bit crazy at times, so I don't think they will.


Q: How about having baby Kathryn now, you're obviously a Dad, does that change anything for you on track?


A:  I'm very lucky that I've got a good woman who helps me a lot, because in my job when you're not at the track, you're training to prepare for the next race. But in full Dad mode, I'm very lucky because she does most the work. I do try and pull my weight but it doesn't change anything on a race weekend. I don't bring her to the track so it doesn't really change anything, but I am more motivated to be successful to give her more things. But, from a solely riding point of view it doesnt change anything. In my life it's nice, it's great to have my daughter, but I'm definitely lucky to have a woman who doesn't give me a hard time.