Marc Marquez


Q: What is the plan for Silverstone?

A: The plan for this weekend is like every weekend. Start on Friday, especially here we need to try the new asphalt and try to understand the new asphalt, how the tyres work. Then we have to try and prepare for Sunday for fighting for the podium, and if everything is fine, then we look to be on top of the podium. This will be the best target but the podium is the main target.

Q: How do you mentally prepare yourself for a race weekend?

A: Of course with the racing you have to be very fit in your physical condition, but you also need to be concentrated in your mental side and you have to be free. Free is important to me because you have to be concentrated on the circuit only on motorbikes. How I prepare, if you have around you all the people that you have confidence in, like when I was younger, I had all the same people who when I was very very young gave me the confidence to be focus only on the circuit. For me that is key.

Q: Does that change when you go to different places, say when you go to Australia you may not be surrounded with as many people if you were at a home GP in Spain for example?

A: Yes, for example I feel a lot better in Australia than in Spain. In Australia it is much easier to be concentrated on track with the racing, with the team and the set up of the bike. In Spain you have many events and family, friends. Everybody want to know you, want to see you, want to meet you and it is something that is very difficult because you need to have good schedule and follow that schedule.


Q: Do you practice your dances in front of the mirror before you celebrate on track?


A: Honestly speaking, in my bedroom I have a big mirror and sometimes like everybody in the world, I am dancing in front of the mirror but when I have holidays I like to party with my friends, like any normal 25 year old man, I like to joke with my friends. Always with music though and because I am from Spain it is always Latin and I like it because dancing is a part of me and dancing and music helps me to be free.

Q: Do you have one for this weekend if you win, have you got one prepared?

A: Normally, I never prepare before the race. In Jerez yes, because it was a bet with one of my friends but normally I don't. Maybe if I win I might but I will always have some dancing inside.

Q: What do you do in the Summer and Winter break other than training?

A: In the summer break, for example, I go to the beach with my friends and I like to just enjoy it and sometimes go out partying but you are to keep training. In the Winter, I train because I like it but it is not necessary. It is important for the body to stay fit but also to recharge everything to start in January in a good way and a lot of power.