John McPhee


Q: Are you feeling confident for Silverstone?

A: Yes definitely, for the last five races me and the team have become a lot stronger. We started the season off with the crew chief being ill so we lost a lot of pre-season testing, but when we got to Mugello, we got the first test with the new crew chief which really helped a lot. So for the last five races now, we've become really strong, including Austria, and we've been fighting in the top five for the last few races and that's putting us in a really good position coming in for Silverstone. 

Q: You've just announced that you've signed for SIC Petronas Honda team, so how are you feeling about 2019?

A: I'm really excited for 2019. The SIC Petronas team is a really professional team, they do a good job on the outside and they bring in some really good young riders, so I think the combination of a British rider and a good professional group of people, with my experience as well, I think we can do a really good job together.

Q: What swayed you to sign for the SIC Petronas team?

A: There was a few different reasons, the main one being the fact that they've now got the stepping stone all the way up to MotoGP, so they have the option to go into Moto2 with the same team and then again moving up. In Moto2, it was really nice to have some offers and especially Moto3, I think I've had more options this year than I've ever had before, but the whole outfit with the bike, the crew and the whole stepping stone made me think that the Petronas team is the best offer.


Q: What was the main reason you chose to stay in Moto3 rather than moving up to Moto2?


A: A couple of the teams I was offered a ride with in Moto2, without being disrespectful, it was teams that I didn't fully believe that I could show my true potential in Moto2. With Moto2 being such a tight class, any little, small detail with the bike and the team make a big difference, so I felt the moment wasn't right to move up and having another year in Moto3 on a good bike, will put me in the best position to go into Moto2 the year after. 

Q: Do you think 2019 might be the year you become Moto3 World Champion?

A: That's certainly the plan, obviously that's the plan every year for us, but next year, realistically, it is within our sights. It's something that with the correct structure, bike and pre-season testing and having the support from a professional team for the whole of next year, I don't see any reason why we can't be fighting for it.