Bradley Ray


Q: When you were younger were you involved in motorsport?

A: Yes, my Mum and Dad have always been involved in bikes, world championship racing and things like that. My Dad never raced himself but was always into it. I was never forced into it but I was always excited to go and watch the race and when I had a go, I fell in love.

Q: What point would you like to get to in your career where you're happy with what you've achieved?

A: You're never really happy until you've achieved your goals and my goals are MotoGP and World Championships so I'll do my best to try and achieve that.

Q: When you were a wild card in World Superbikes where did you expect to finish and were you happy with your results?

A: To be fair, I was just excited to go there and gain the experience. The aim was to go there and earn some championship points so that's exactly what we did and gain experience for the BSB championship. So, I'm happy with what happened and happy with the lap times and consistency over the weekend, as well as the amount of testing on the bike and data so we got some championship points in the bag.

Q: Would you be interested in the Moto2 wild card at Silverstone like Jake Dixon last year?

A: Well I've done that before, in 2014, I did the wildcard for Moto2 and it was difficult. We didn't have a lot of track time with the bike and it's a difficult championship to go to anyway. At this stage, I wouldn't be interested, there's too much going on that I have to focus on to be able to wildcard.

Q: Did you expect to be so strong going into this year's championship?

A: I knew we'd be a lot stronger than last year, just with the package and having another year under our belt, but I didn't think we'd be as strong this early on. To be so strong at every round we go to, it was a surprise to me and a surprise to the team. It's a good little confidence boost for all of us so hopefully we can stay as we are, fight for the showdown and fight for the championship.

Q: Who do you think will be the strongest contenders for the BSB championship this year?

A: I couldn't tell you, any of the top six, Jake Dixon, Haslam's strong, Josh Brookes is strong, unfortunately Shakey's not in it, any of the top six really, but it comes down to a bit of luck when it gets to the showdown.

Q: Do you have any pre-race rituals?

A: Not really, there's things like when you put your leathers on you put your left boot on before your right boot and same with the gloves. Then there's stretches before a race but you automatically do the same each time.