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After a stunning and successful career, Jorge Lorenzo has announced that at the end of the 2019 season he will hang up his boots and leathers as a professional racer and go into retirement.

The Spaniard was set to stay under the wing of HRC and Alberto Puig for another season before coming to a conclusion on the future of his career. However, after successive injuries and a hard-time on the Honda, Jorge has brought his decision date forward and left the Motorsport industry in sadness when he relayed his decision to the world's media the day prior to his final race weekend started. Lorenzo explained to his friends of the paddock that in his opinion "there are 4 significant days in a racers career", one being the day they announce their retirement and that he was there to tell everyone that "the day had come for him".

"Unfortunately injuries soon came to play an important role in my season, being unable to ride in normal physical conditions. This, plus a bike that never felt natural to me, made my races very difficult" Jorge explained. "As I started to see some light, I had a nasty crash in Montmelo test and some weeks later that ugly one in Assen. This time I had to admit, when I stopped rolling in the gravel, the first thought that crossed my mind was 'What the hell am I doing here?Is this really worth it? I'm done with it'."