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(Left to Right): Dan Bewley, Kyle Bickley and Tom Brennan. PC- Mildura Motorcycle Club

The first Australian meeting for the British No Limits boys gets underway this weekend to kick-start an explosive couple of months full of experience and high quality racing.


Tom Brennan and Kyle Bickley return down under for their second season in a row with the intention to build upon the experience they gained last winter. Meanwhile, Dan Bewley has jetted to the other side of the world for the first time in order to grab everything he can for his upcoming career. The British hopefuls see themselves face some of Australia’s biggest young talents such as Jaimon Lidsey and Jordan Stewart, who bring a lot of “track time and knowledge” to the table in the sense of competition according to Brennan. However, the lads are raring to go and will be more competitive than ever to put themselves in good stead for next season.