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South African talent, Brad Binder, took his maiden middle-class win on German turf ahead of Joan Mir and Luca Marini in Sachsenring.


The early race was all but short of drama when Marini managed to make the holeshot from the middle of the front row. A battle with tyres, sun and grip saw too many experienced and talented riders hit the deck; creating a pivotal point in their title campaign. Poleman, Mattia Pasini, suffered a premature end to his Sachsenring race when the rear of his bike span around on him in the last corner, leaving championship leader, Francesco Bagnia, having to take avoiding action and re-joining in a poor 22nd place. Fellow Italian, Lorenzo Baldassari, also struggled to keep his bike upright when he endured a violent crash, adding another DNF to his results.


With all title contenders out or further down the group after a poor qualifying, the race looked to be brewing between all none race winners - Marini, Mir and Binder. As the number of laps reduced, so did the gap between all three riders - resulting in many changes in positions. Marini and Mir scrapped for first place and Binder was closing in behind. The late race pace of the KTM saw the South African triumph past both the Italian and Spaniard to start his run at the front. Marini and Mir continued to swap positions for the second and third places, helping current fourth place runner, Miguel Olivera, edge closer to making his recovery from a poor qualifying that bit better with a podium.


Unfortunately for Olivera, the gap was too big to close despite all of his efforts, meaning that the rostrum race was purely between Marini and Mir. A challenge put towards Marini earlier in the race was too much for the Italian to overcome, seeing Mir fend off his second place.


Championship leader, Bagnaia, found himself finish in 12th, allowing opponent Olivera to slash the original sixteen point advantage down to just a seven point difference between the two.