An unexpected thrashing crushed the hopes of the GB side in the test match against Australia, seeing the Lions fall to a 33-57 defeat.

Tai Woffinden showcased how he wanted the meeting to carry on with a win in heat one and his teammate, Steve Worrall, coming home in third. However, the Aussies weren’t taking the match lightly when the Holder brothers hit back with a 5-1 in heat 2. Adam Ellis took his first win in heat three but unfortunately paired with a second and third for Australia.

Heats 4-9 saw no heat advantages in Team GB’s favour so meant the deficit would continue to increase.
Chris Holder, Fricke, Kurtz (x2) and Woffinden (x2) added race wins to their individual points tally. But, unfortunately despite GB’s efforts they found themselves nine points down.

The last rounds of heats brought the team from down under three 5-1’s and one 4-2. Whereas, the Lions attempted to decrease the defeat by hitting back with a 4-2 in heat 11. Before heat 15 the difference between the two teams was twenty four points. Great Britain held their hope in Cook and Woffinden, whereas Australia put forward Chris Holder and Fricke. The top two from each team promised to bring the fans a ding dong battle despite the score line not being as close as expected. Both Aussies were first away from the gate, however, Cook wasn’t letting another five one slip so easy. Riding the inside line, Cook zipped through Fricke into second and continued to fly past Holder in first.